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Advantages of MBA’s services

MBA increases revenue by reducing your billing expenses and increasing your collection. We offer the solution to the problem of the high cost of computer systems and personnel problems.

Most medical practices cannot justify a full time billing person. Office staff that divides their time between reception, nursing, and billing, lose critical concentration, leading to oversight and error. Daily duties, plus current billing, often means claims are not billed which in turn reduces your income. New procedures and regulations make it difficult for part time billing people to submit properly and collect all monies due to your practice.

Foremost to consider is the payroll benefits – no employer taxes to pay, no sick time or vacation time to pay, no health insurance benefits or retirement funding. Yearly postage increases don’t have to be an issue. Also, in today’s ever changing computer age you’ll never have to worry about the expenses that are associated with the changes required by your third party carriers. You’ll never worry about training staff on your computer billing system, only to have them leave your employ.

Your office staff can devote their time to patient care instead of mundane billing practices. Phone lines are no longer tied up with billing questions or problems. Your office can deal with the patient’s health care instead of claims and statements.

Our company currently serves the Northeastern Pennsylvania region. MBA is devoted to expert and reliable medical billing. We specialize in fast and accurate processing to maximize your reimbursement.



Our fees are customized to your practice to guarantee you the most economical and efficient medical billing system.

Please review our sample contract and fees and compare to your expenses. We will be happy to meet with you to answer any questions you might have.

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